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With appearances by a brutal red talking mushroom, a serene, retro-futuristic swimmer pulling a trail of ambiguous floating burdens, blurred photographs, burning clothes, and a gorgeously haunting Russian lullaby, W is for explores the place
where fantasy and reality meet in the interconnected narratives of four ambiguously related women.

W is for  (2013)
single channel video
12:21 min

CAST  (in order of appearance):
Zana Blestel
John Lovett
Becca Broughton
Stella Arnaut
Bella Kenigfest
Sammy, the dog
Writer & Director - Irina Arnaut
Director of Photography - Justin Drobinski
1st Assistant Camera - Jonathan Karas
Sound Design - Thom O'Connor
Costume Design - Kiersten Lukason
Dolly Grip - Rostislav Arnaut
Production Assistant - Galina Arnaut
Will Heinrich
Amy Heinrich
Susan Vladeck
Graham Harlan Smith
Anna Adler
Bonnie Jones
Roberta Savage
Julie Dubois
Simon Kenigfest
The Arnaut Family