October, 2015

Working Title  will screen at Videology on Thursday, October 1st at 9:30 PM, as part of Slamdance on the Road, a year-round traveling celebration of Slamdance Filmmakers and their bold vision for independent film.

On Thursday, Slamdance brings its New York alumni together for a showcase of short films at Videology. Featuring William Welles, Sam Goetz, Irina Arnaut, James Bascara, Jadina Lilien, and Ugla Hauksd├│ttir.

Visit Videology for more details.
September, 2015

Slum Pudding Show at Ms Barbers

Working Title  will be in a group show at  Ms Barbers, Opening Saturday, September 19th.

Slum Pudding is organized by Becky Kolsrud.

Featuring works by Anna Rosen, Irina Arnaut, Katie Aliprando, Ken Tam, Patrick Price, Phil Davis and Sean Cassidy.

Opening Saturday, Sept 19th, 6 - 10 PM
September, 2015

Production still for Make-Up!

Here's a new still from the Playboy cartoon reenactments project,  Make-Up!.  We shot this on Sunday, September 13th, in my studio in LIC.

Thanks to Mari Meyer and Talya Cooper for their amazing performances, PAs extraordinaires Lori Zakalik and Will Heinrich, the unsurpassed Mae Fatto for her costuming skills, and the beyond-words-incredible-wow-who-is-that-brilliant-DP Justin Drobinski for a fantastic shoot.
July, 2015

Revelation Perth International Film Festival

Working Title  has been selected to screen as part of the International Experimental Showcase in the 2015 Revelation Perth International Film Festival. The festival runs July 2-12, in West Perth, Australia. Working Title   will be screened on Saturday, July 4 at 1:45pm at Luna Leederville, and Saturday, July 11, at 12noon at Luna Leederville.
June, 2015

Prop for for Make-Up! series

In prepration for the next shoot in the Make-Up! series, I'm busy making props. This is a 60" x 48", acrylic on canvas painting that appears in a cartoon from the late 1960's. The caption for this cartoon reads, "Caldwell here may well have the answer to, 'After Pop Art, What?'"
May, 2015

Production still for Make-Up!

We're shooting a new installment of Playboy cartoon reenactments, part of the Make-Up!  series. The series was named for the caption of the cartoon being reenacted in this photo. Pictured in the photo: Jeff Burdian, Danny Chapman, Palm Apodaca, and Russell Peborde (top). Cinematographer: Justin Drobinski.
April, 2015

Milwaukee Underground Film Festival

Working Title  has been selected to exhibit in the 2015 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival. The festival runs April 30 through May 3, in Milwaukee, WI. Working Title  will be exhibited on a loop at Kenilworth Square East on Sunday, May 2.
March, 2015

LMCC Process Space

LMCC Process Space residency on Governors Island starts March 2! Come visit me!
February, 2015

Big Muddy Film Festival

Working Title  has been selected for the Experimental Shorts program in the 2015 Big Muddy Film Festival. The festival runs February 24 through March 1 in Carbondale, IL. Working Title  will be screened at 10:00 am, SIU Student Center, on Friday, February 27.
January, 2015

Upcoming Exhibition:
January 25th - March 8th, 2015
Judith Charles Gallery

Opening reception: Sunday, January 25th, 5-8 PM

Photographs from the  Fair Deal series and a video from the  Make-Up! series will be in this group show of over 20 artists.
January, 2015

Slamdance Film Festival

Working Title  has been selected for the Narrative Shorts competition in the 2015 Slamdance Film Festival. The festival runs January 22-29th in Park City, Utah. Working Title  will be screened as part of the   Shorts Block 3, on Saturday, January 24th @ 10:30 AM in the Gallery & Wednesday, January 28th @ 1:15 PM in the Gallery.